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Athanasios Badekas is the Scientific Officer of the Orthopedic Department of the ORTHO REHAB CENTER, which is housed in the center of Glyfada. Our space, recently completely renovated, has been created in such a way as to meet the needs of our doctors and to offer a friendly and functional environment to our patients.

It consists of the Orthopedic Clinic, the Physical Clinic, the area of ​​diagnostic applications (ultrasound, kinetic analysis of gait), the area of ​​therapeutic applications, the secretariat and the waiting room. Visit us, tell us your problem and we will do our best for you!

Badekas Athanasios receives patients at his office – Lazaraki 10, 16675 Glyfada as well as at Errikos Dunan Hospital Center – 107 Mesogeion, PC 11526 Building A, 3rd floor where he is – Director of the 3rd Orthopedic Clinic Errikos Dunan Hospital Center and Ankle Department of the Ankle.

  • The center of foot and ankle and sports medicine disorders in Athens primary care 
  • The purpose of this state-of-the-art treatment center is to be the FIRST CHOICE in caring for the foot, ankle and knee, no matter how common or complex. The mission of the Foot & Ankle Center in Athens Primary Care is to prevent and treat sports injuries, to do a preseason screening test to athlets and people they want to train and get physical.
  • Also to eliminate the pain and disability of patients with leg, foot and ankle disorders while rendering compassionate and professional care.
  • At center each patient is unique and their treatment conforms to their personal values. The Foot and Ankle Center’s surgeons are world experts in the treatment of sports, trauma, arthritic and diabetic conditions of the lower extremity. We provide a comprehensive array of treatment alternatives covering non-surgical  (special treatment with PRP injections, stem cells therapy, special insoles, custom-made shoes) as well as surgical methods to overcome a patient’s pain and lost function. 
  • So our target is to provide superior, comprehensive Sports Medicine  and foot and ankle treatment for patients in a clinical atmosphere that is caring and responsive to current and long-term patient needs. We specialize in traditional and innovative conservative and surgical services of the Knee, shoulder, forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot and ankle. We are committed to the advancement of new orthopaedic techniques, the development of research and actively participate in professional education and orthopaedic resident & student training
  • In the Foot and Ankle and Sports Medicine Center we are treating and performing more specifically with the most advanced reliable and less invasive techniques the listed below conditions and surgeries. 
  1. Hallux Valgus (bunions)Deformity and metatarsalgia
  2. Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle (performing either arthrodesis-fusions or ankle replacements as indicated)
  3. Morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis.
  4. Ankle/Knee Arthroscopy
  5. Ankle Arthroplasty
  6. Ankle ligament reconstruction
  7. ACL Reconstruction
  8. Flatfoot deformity with a new minimal invasive technique
  9. Clubfoot.
  10. Diabetic Foot (including Charcot foot reconstruction
  11. Rheumatoid Foot reconstruction
  12. Tendinitis treatments 
  13. Achilles tendon injuries and ruptures treatment. 
  14. PRP and Stem cells sports injuries
  15. Sports injuries Screening school
  • Gait analysis and biomechanics
  • Diabetic offloading
  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • Pre- and post-treatment evaluation
  • Orthotic prescription confirmation


Here we can treat all the pathology of the lower extremities

We can treat  BUNIOSN HALLUX VALGUS, FLATFOOT deformity (planovalgus) Juvenile and adult acquired flatfoot deformity with minimal invasive techniques and the patient can walk the next day with a post-op shoe. Some remarks about flatfoot deformity and Hyperpronation.

Flatfoot Correction

The lifetime solution for excessive foot pronation represents a real solution for flat feet. It instantly corrects the problem at its root and immediately works on reverting the many symptoms, restoring the patient’s quality of life.

In order to understand this breakthrough solution, let’s first take a look at the problem. Flat feet is a condition medically known as hyperpronation. It occurs when the natural space between the ankle and heel bones, called the sinus tarsi, collapses. This space is at the apex of the foot’s ability to distribute weight and motion evenly, and when it collapses, the foot twists into an unnatural position and shape, creating an imbalance throughout the entire body.

HyProCure is an internal stabilization device that is placed inside the foot, right into the collapsing space. It acts as a stent to keep the space in its natural, open position. The procedure instantly stabilizes and restores the foot’s normal anatomy, which in turn also corrects the imbalances created in the rest the body. The HyProCure stent is simply pushed into place, there is no drilling or screwing involved. Thanks to its unique, anatomical design, the HyProCure device slides right into its natural corrective placement where

the natural tissues inside the space will hold it in place during the healing process.

The procedure is minimally invasive and it’s usually performed under local anesthesia or twilight sedation. Full recovery to experience all the benefits typically takes a few weeks in most cases, although it can vary from foot to foot and patient to patient.

Who needs this?

Anyone and everyone suffering from flat feet or the ill effects of hyperpronation should consider the HyProCure implant as early as possible. The longer the condition is present, the more problematic the symptoms throughout the body can get. Take a look at our common symptoms to see if flat feet are affecting your life, and if so, make an appointment to visit a doctor today to see if HyProCure is right for you

Hallux Valgus (BUNIONS) deformity

The treatment of a bunion depends entirely on how uncomfortable it is. Since the pain from a bunion is always aggravated by shoe wear, the symptoms will often depend on the type and size of shoes worn. The perception of pain or discomfort that people experience however is quite varied. There are some individuals who have small bunions that are very uncomfortable. This limits their ability to wear shoes comfortably. On the other hand, some individuals may have quite significant deformities that are annoying but do not limit their activities in anyway.

Realistically, there are only two ways to treat a bunion. Either change the size and shape of the shoe or change the size and shape of the foot.

In our Centre we can treat effectively the bunions with minimal invasive techniques that can restore the shape of the foot eliminate the pain and give a long lasting and cosmetic result.

The patient can put weight the same day with a post-op shoe and there is minimal discomfort and pain.

METATARSALGIA of different reasons like MORTON’S NEUROMA, DISLOCATED JOINTS etc Limb length discrepancy


With the Ankle arthroplasty we can manage the arthritic ankle pain preserving the motion of the Ankle joint

Diabetic foot treatment (Charcot foot treatment conservative and surgical)

Rheumatoid foot Reconstruction

Sports medicine (ankle arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, osteochondral lesions treatment, with different methods transplantation of osteochondral grafts) Achilles tendon pathology treatment (tendonitis, insertional Achilles tendonitis, ruptures, delayed reconstruction)

Peroneal tendon pathology treatment

Dance medicine (entrapment syndromes of flexor hallucis longus, etc)

Cavovarus (high Arch) foot reconstruction (Clubfoot) Neurologic foot (drop foot, Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT), tendon transfer modalities)


Offers the following SERVICES:

  • pedobarograph and Gait Analysis devices: Non-invasive evaluation to measure foot function with a focus on non-surgical methods of treatment and evaluate the treatment of the pathologies surgical and non-surgical. Corrective Footwear Orthoses and Prostheses: Custom-made, corrective footwear designed for comfort that fits today’s contemporary lifestyles. On-site prosthetic evaluation and treatment is also available.
  • Physical Therapy Services: Licensed Rehabilitation Specialists are on-site to assist patients in gaining mobility following surgery under the supervision on of Maria Takvorian MD Fysiatrist
  • Muscoleskelatal Ultrasound examination
  • Ultrasound guided injections.
  •  Individualized Orthobilogics, PRP and stem cells therapy 
  • Surgical procedures in Henry Dunant Hospital Center with Experienced OR Team: Professionals specifically dedicated to the care of foot and ankle patients-offering knowledge, exceptional skill and compassion.

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Athanasios Badekas is the Scientific Officer of the Orthopedic Department of the ORTHO REHAB CENTER, which is housed in the center of Glyfada.

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Dr Badekas Athanasios

Athanasios Badekas is the Scientific Officer of the Orthopedic Department of the ORTHO REHAB CENTER, which is housed in the center of Glyfada. Our space, recently completely renovated, has been created in such a way as to meet the needs of our doctors and to offer a friendly and functional environment to our patients.


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